4G Cell Phone Network Coming to Central PA

Central Pennsylvania cell phone users see ad after ad about the amazing data transmission speeds of 4G wireless Internet phone networks that, apparently, are available everywhere in the United States. The reality is, 4G in Central PA is little more than marketing hype. While there may be a cell phone tower or two that handles 4G transmissions near a few large towns, even customers of national carriers could be getting only 3G performance—and sometimes slower—in most of central Pennsylvania.

Immix Wireless Announces 4G Coverage

On January 25, Immix Wireless and SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) announced we have arranged financing that will let Immix begin to deliver 4G service in this calendar year. The Immix 4G cell phone network will be the only network that provides 4G wireless Internet coverage throughout ten counties of central PA.

Immix 4G Cell Phone Coverage

Immix Wireless serves Centre, Clinton, Lycoming, Sullivan, Union, Northumberland, Montour, Snyder, Schuylkill, and Berks counties. Our goal with this 4G network deployment is to provide nearly complete coverage throughout these ten counties.

Immix Wireless is a locally-focused wireless communications company. It was founded only to serve central Pennsylvania, and as such is intent on bringing the best cell phone coverage to the area. Large, national carriers focus network upgrades in major metropolitan centers first and only eventually get around to providing advanced services in rural areas.

Immix Wireless maintains retail outlets in Williamsport, Wyomissing, Lewisburg, Pottsville, Muncy, and Selinsgrove. We have authorized dealers to represent us in Lock Haven, Reading, and Frackville.

Of course, we are very excited to be investing in central Pennsylvania’s technology infrastructure and will provide updates about our 4G wireless Internet network as the project progresses.

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