Find Your Way in PA with an Android Smartphone

I drove to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania some time ago, and had printed directions from Google Maps to assure I’d reach my intended address. As I made my final approach to the city, I suddenly realized that if I didn’t leave the Interstate at the next exit, I would end up in New Jersey!

The error I’d made would require retracing my route many miles before being able to continue with my printed directions… so I decided to “wing it” and approach the city on a different highway than the one Google Maps had intended.

The Smartphone Proves its Worth

As I exited the highway it occurred to me I had a smartphone in my pocket. I fished it out, powered it up and unlocked it. Then I tapped the search key followed by the voice button, and I told the phone the address of my destination followed by the word “directions.” Having never tried this, I didn’t know what the phone would do, but it quite quickly displayed a list of likely options, and I tapped one to confirm it was the correct one.

My cell phone loaded a map! But it wasn’t just a map; it was a GPS-informed representation of the world, and my car was in the picture! The phone knew where it was relative to my selected destination, and it was showing me the way.

At traffic lights I’d look at the phone to reassure myself I was on course and, with no hassles; no missed turns, I arrived at my destination on time (yes, I’d left extra time in case highway construction, traffic, or operator error somehow slowed me down).

When Isn’t There an App?

That trip cemented in my mind the awesomeness of smartphone technology. As installed at the factory, my Android knew exactly what I wanted when I asked for it, and it delivered. Of course, there are thousands of smartphone apps to handle just about any emergency, business, entertainment, data-management, or personal communications need that arises.

The world is switching to smartphones, with about 50% of cell phones in use in the US being smartphones (we’re well behind other countries, but catching up quickly). If you don’t yet have a smartphone, it may be time to take the plunge. Check out the Immix Store to see what smartphones and plans are available in your area.

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