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Smartphones Gots Smarter Alarm Clocks

Living in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania has brought me face-to-face with a difficult truth: My life is better when it involves a portable alarm clock. A portable calendar/appointment book also makes life better, but I’ve had one or another form of that … Continue reading

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Camera-Killing Smartphones

Night out? Sightseeing tour? Landmark spotting? Unexpected view? You might encounter all these scenarios in a day in Central Pennsylvania.  And when you do, like so many people before you, you probably reach for your 126 film camera…. um, your … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Cell Phone Users: No Texting While Driving

It’s official: Pennsylvania cell phone users may no longer legally “text” while driving. Actually, the law doesn’t go into effect until March of 2012, so you still have time to tempt fate legally. Legislators had no trouble signing a bill … Continue reading

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